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The International Institute of Fire and Safety

Top-Tier Aerodrome Rescue & Aviation Firefighting Training  

Sultanate of Oman Civil Aviation Authority (Oman CAA) has given its endorsement to IIFS in delivering related aviation courses which meet the standards of the industry. Being a member of an international entity, namely the ICAO Trainair Plus also provides a leverage for our trainings to have observed quality standards within the aviation industry.   . 
Why IIFS? 

  • ARFF Specialized Skill Set  :We provide one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of practical training facilities in the Middle East. which enables our Trainees to undertake a range of accredited aviation Structured Learning Programmes. 

  • Realistic Approach :Our training is carried in the most realistic conditions which include the use of simulators to replicate actual conditions they could encounter in their day to day role.  


  • Global Standpoint : Our training is aimed to ensure high standards of delivery that contribute to positive global impact in aviation industry and adhere to global aviation regulations and certification standards. 


  • International Standards & Recognition : We are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority Oman (CAA Oman) and complies with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) treaty mandates. Our training is also recognized by the International Fire Service Congress (IFSAC) for the NFPA 1003 Standard – Airport Firefighter Professional 


  • Comprehensive Training  : We offer comprehensive trainings for all levels of aviation personnel's ranging from new certification and for the fulfilment of mandatory revalidation purposes. 



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