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Training Simulators 

International Institute of Fire & Safety (IIFS) offers progressive training equipment and simulators to maximise the learning experience of users and participants. The training simulators are predominantly chosen to ensure the trainings meet all the required standards for quality delivery.  
Today, IIFS offers more than 10+ real life training simulations covering a wide range of scenarios to cater to the training needs of the Civil Defense, Industrial Firefighting, Aviation, and Hazmat sectors. Simulators such as Airbus, Helicopter, Military Aircraft, Confined Spaces, Hazardous material simulators are all uniquely available at IIFS only in the entire GCC region. With a fleet of well-equipped fire trucks supported by quality equipment such as the hazmat suits, breathing apparatus, and more to provide real-time experience to all its trainees, IIFS is ready to deliver what it says it will.  
Some of scenarios covered to provide the much needed experience to the trainees are  

  • Airbus Internal Fires  

  • Airbus External Fires 

  • Rotary Wing 

  • Military 

  • Confined Space 

  • Flame Bending & Valve Shutdown 

  • Hazardous Material and Chemical Rigs 

  • Breathing Apparatus 

  • Fire Screens 

  • Lagoons 

  • Road Traffic Collision 

Check out our fleet of well equipped Fire Trucks  FIRE TRUCKS_

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