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IIFS Before and Today

The International Institute of Fire and Safety (IIFS), formerly known as Fire Safety Engineering College (FSEC) was founded by the visionary Zubair and Macki families with the mission to provide quality world class vocational and skill trainings in the areas of fire and safety, as well as emergency response. The entity since then has emerged as a renowned provider in the Sultanate of Oman since its first footprint made in the 1990's. Through out time and acquired milestones, the IIFS has continued to perform and serve the industry needs through the provision of services for the training and development of human capital.  
At IIFS, you will find an array of industry relevant training facility and practical simulators backed by qualified and internationally certified training faculty. In addition, through the support of numerous industry partners, IIFS is able to offer niche experience and expertise that caters to the requirements of clients worldwide. 
TODAY, IIFS plays a key role in creating an impact on the human capital development at a global level. Ranging from the provision to offer vast range of vocational and skill training courses to inspiring individuals and professionals, IIFS continues its aspiration to become a premium entity in the Sultanate.  

In pursuit of excellence through constant research for  management and industry best practices, IIFS has obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certification. Along with its OPAL Gold Star Award status for its Health and Safety training arm and other international memberships and accreditations added to its cap, IIFS is very well recognised within the region and beyond.    

Vision, Mission and Values


To be an internationally renowned and sustainable fire, emergency response, health and safety education institution that caters to the needs for safety, survival and well-being of those in the region and beyond. 



To provide internationally recognized and accredited trainings, and provision of skilled manpower in combination with high quality education to fulfil industry needs and improve the human capital performance. ​


  • Excellence: We aim to surpass the ordinary and maintain high quality standards. 

  • Integrity: We strictly adhere to ethical and legal business requirements and moral principles. 

  • Professionalism: We deliver on our promises. 

  • Business focus: We provide sustainable profit growth and career perspectives. 

  • Equality: We respect diversity and protect human rights. 

  • Transparency: We foster an environment of trust for better governance. 

CEO Message 

"Making a decision to go to College or University to continue your education and then choosing which College or University and which course to study will change your life.


Well done for considering higher education at ICEM!!

I hope that between our website and our prospectus you will find all the information you require to make an informed decision about your future and which ICEM course is the right one for you. At ICEM you will be at the heart of everything we do. Our courses are very professional and we aim to give you the best possible chance of a successful and glorious career.

'Empowering minds and Powering careers' is our slogan.

While I am confident that all the courses offered by ICEM are interesting, challenging and exciting and will provide you with a secure foundation for your future career, it is very important to me that you choose the course which suits you the best."

General Manager Message 

Over time we have learned that the fundamental of fire and safety principles lies in the prevention of fire events, safety associated risk and overall management of their impacts in the aftermath. And more importantly, we need to continuously explore the undergoing principle which requires us to look beyond and put focus on the performance of those who are entrusted with the responsibilities to ensure the well-being of all vested stakeholder, namely the human capital component of the field. 

Helming the IIFS, I believe and hope that the delivery of our related trainings will contribute greatly to quality performance of the human capital for overall safe and secure environment of the industry and community; with emphasis on commitment to serve the best and empowerment of individuals. Make no mistake, despite the advancement of technology in today’s era, I am still a proponent who believes that man still trumps machines as we have the ability to imagine, anticipate, feel, and judge changing situations, which allows them to shift from short-term to long-term concerns. Side by side, man and efficient use of technology are criteria which are very much needed in assessing situations which involve fire and safety. 

IIFS’s philosophy is to provide quality skills trainings for all our courses, which are simultaneously aligned with certification and accreditation of international bodies and standards for industry best practices. And, I believe that working as a team is not just a main component in ensuring safety, but also a culture I am infusing within IIFS. To deliver the best and to produce the best.  

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” 
~ Ryunosuke Satoro 



Faris Al Raisi 

General Manager 

International Institute of Fire and Safety 

Salamati Group Smart Partnership

International Institute of Fire & Safety (IIFS) is a proud entity under the corporate umbrella of Salamati Group. Established under the Salamati Group to provide quality education for vocational and skill trainings specific to fire and safety, as well as emergency response trainings, IIFS's vision is to continue establishing its footprint and valuable market position as one of the MENA's finest safety training institutes to cater to the needs of human capital for the industry players.  
IIFS's smart partnership with International College of Engineering and Management (ICEM) - Leveraging on the existence of ICEM as the higher education under the umbrella of Salamati Group and affiliated with the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, graduates of IIFS will be able to further their education towards the route for higher academic qualification. This smart partnership will enable options to trainees of IIFS who are keen on pursuing their technical skills at either Bachelor's or Master's level through ICEM.   
IIFS's smart partnership with Safety Protection Services (SPS) - One of the Salamati Group's vision is to foster collaboration between the companies under its group for the purpose to offer a complete chain of services for the clients and industry players. Partneship with SPS will ensure not just quality skill trainings are provided for the development of human capital in fire and safety, but also to cater to the needs of infrastructure, equipment and provision of firefighting manpower for clients within Sultanate of Oman and its region.  

Salamati Group through smart partnership of entities under its umbrella aspires to reshape the future of fire safety and education in Oman. 

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