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Hazardous Materials
The International Institute of Fire and Safety

Your Expert in HAZMAT Training & Awareness

Handling and managing hazardous materials present a growing concern to all safety and rescue personnel. The enhancement of skills of those involved within this sector is essential to ensure unwarranted and unwanted incidents relating to hazardous materials are performed to the best available practise standard.  

Why IIFS? 


  • Incident Management & Control Measure 

    We offer courses that will equip the manpower with capabilities to identify and manage incidents relating to handling hazardous materials to safeguard employees, entity structure and minimise potential loss. 

  • In-Depth Awareness Training 

    Our courses are well equipped to impart knowedge and skills beneficial for all to understand hazmat risks and mitigation strategies. 


  • Specialized Training  

    We offer spealised trainings to suit the needs and requirements of clients and operators in the area of managing hazardous materials safely. 


  • Maximum Protection 

    Our training includes complete guidance on the proper wear and type of PPE to ensure safe handling of the materials and aim for zero risks of exposure to hazardous substances. 


  • Proficient Rapid Response Teams 

    We train to achieve a skilled and competent team for the deployment of efficient individuals to manage HAZMAT incidents and minimize environmental impact. 




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